Welcome to Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur... land of yachting

Our shores, its mythic ports, our tourism and cultural heritage combined with a knowledge of excellence in the fields of luxury and yachting are all assets that embellish the crucible of our reputation.

This strength, it is our responsibility to preserve it, accompany it to improve it constantly, perpetuate it by a constant questioning to serve the demanding expectations of yachts. To this are collectively attached Riviera Yachting NETWORK member companies.

Our professionals develop each in their jobs a worldwide recognized know-how, a security of serenity for the customers.

Our companies, referenced in our members book, are spread over the French Med coastline from Marseille to Menton and Corsica.

Our will, anchored in the heart: highlight the excellence of our expertise to yachting service.


Laurent Falaize

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