Riviera Yachting NETWORK Voiles de St-Tropez 2020
Riviera Yachting Network news

The Riviera Yachting NETWORK cluster continued its meetings to allow exchanges between members and take stock of the season with its partners. This year, the Managing Director of the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show was alongside the GEPY (Groupement

Riviera Yachting NETWORK SF Day
Riviera Yachting Network news

Riviera Yachting NETWORK had its stand at the SF Day at the Palais du Commerce et de la Mer in Toulon. The System Factory organizer is an innovative industrial projects accelerator. Round tables dedicated to cybersecurity, maritime security taking

Riviera Yachting NETWORK 20 ans
Riviera Yachting Network news

Twenty years ago, 15 companies gave birth to the Réseau Technicmarine which later became Riviera Yachting NETWORK.

Riviera Yachting NETWORK AG 2020
Riviera Yachting Network news

In the afternoon, BtoB meetings for Riviera Yachting NETWORK members only allowed companies to meet in Marseilles, after a special season... A happy few also visited the +40 years old ATEM member industrial maintenance workshops.

Riviera Yachting NETWORK CA
Riviera Yachting Network news

After several boards of directors in videoconference during the confinement in order to follow the members as closely as possible, the members of the board are together again to continue their work.

Riviera Yachting NETWORK CMQ Mer
Riviera Yachting Network news

The Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications Economie de la Mer wants to train 10,000 students over 5 years on short or long Bac-3/+3 courses and especially on high-tension trades. For this project to be presented to the yachting industry companie

Riviera Yachting NETWORK à Euromaritime
Riviera Yachting Network news

For the first year exhibiting at the Euromaritime show now in Marseilles, Riviera Yachting NETWORK had the chance to have a nice stand in the continuity of that of the South of France Region.

Riviera Yachting NETWORK partenariat URSSAF
Riviera Yachting Network news

Riviera Yachting NETWORK and URSSAF have signed a convention formalising the establishment of a new partnership whose objective is to offer cluster members a better knowledge of social legislation and its application, promote the use of electronic

Riviera Yachting NETWORK Metstrade
Riviera Yachting Network news

A dynamic stand for Riviera Yachting NETWORK with 7 member companies present* and numerous business card exchanges. A warm and professional atmosphere with many explanations via the screens available.


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