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National conferences Nautisme and Plaisance: Chantal Lemeteyer, General Secretary of the refit shipyard Monaco Marine, member of the cluster, presents at the round table "The trades of tomorrow" in the yachting sector.

Riviera Yachting NETWORK YARE 2019 workshop
Riviera Yachting Network news

For the ninth year in a row, Riviera Yachting NETWORK was taking part in meetings with around a hundred captains during the Yachting Aftersales Refit Experience in Viareggio, Italy.

Riviera Yachting NETWORK Best wishes 2019
Riviera Yachting Network news

With 140 people present, this annual meeting allowed many exchanges around a drink. The president's speech recalled the progress made in 2018 on tax issues in particular, and also mentioned the maturity of the network, which, at the age of 18 and

Riviera Yachting NETWORK Apéro-infos
Riviera Yachting Network news

News were exchanged on recent events including the Cannes, Monaco and Amsterdam yacht shows and the progress of the tax file (Brussels asking Italy to put real European harmonization back into France’s competitiveness).

Riviera Yachting NETWORK Mets
Riviera Yachting Network news

Riviera Yachting NETWORK shares the meeting tables with the members who wish it: the members present on the stand: Akumendo, IMS Shipyard, YAS Protec. But many other members are on their own stand at the same show ...

Riviera Yachting NETWORK régates St-Tropez
Riviera Yachting Network news

A very nice day for the members and their guests aboard this passenger ship made available by Thierry Arnal. Regattas gathering 300 boats and 4000 sailors who were extremely well commented by the navigator Cécile Poujol.

Riviera Yachting NETWORK à Monaco
Riviera Yachting Network news
This is the most popular show for cluster members. Some exhibit *, others visit...
Riviera Yachting NETWORK Cannes
Riviera Yachting Network news
A sunny and warm yacht show, with Friday a members' cocktail and very good contacts with future member companies !

Some of our members had their own stand: IMS Shipyard, Eneria Cat, Jotun, Inter-Action, Fendertex et Diwo Yachts.


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