Riviera Yachting Network mérite maritime à L.Falaize
Riviera Yachting Network news

Laurent Falaize, president of Riviera Yachting NETWORK, was knighted for Maritime Merit by Yves Joly, Mediterranean port admiral, during the 2016 Best wishes evening. 200 people from the big family of yachting and the political world came along wi

Riviera Yachting NETWORK - PYA Ball
Riviera Yachting Network news

A few members participated to the PYA Christmas Ball (Professional Yachting Association). Riviera Yachting NETWORK's vice-president David Sieur, came with the cluster's coordinating manager Fabien Arnoux.

Riviera Yachting Network Apéro-infos déc 2015
Riviera Yachting Network news

Over 60 people were in la Ciotat for the last information meeting of the year.

Riviera Yachting Network Economie de la mer 2015
Riviera Yachting Network news

" Yachting: what French assets on the yacht market? "
Florent Battistella, Founder of Nepteam (owner of Couach and IMS Shipyard, member)

Riviera Yachting Network Laurent Falaize
Riviera Yachting Network news

It is during the General assembly of the new Boating & Yachting Confederacy that Laurent Falaize, president of Riviera Yachting Network, was elected to the Board of directors to represent the industries & nautical services on October 27th,

Riviera Yachting Network a 15 ans
Riviera Yachting Network news

15 years: that's worth celebrating! 

In the restaurant, more than 120 people dined with the president in a friendly atmosphere: partners and members, friends or clients...
Riviera Yachting NETWORK à StTropez 2015
Riviera Yachting Network news

Despite a rather poor weather announced, more than 110 people were on board to enjoy the show. Appetizer, meal, speeches, and with President Laurent Falaize, comments of an expert for this race between modern & tradition sailboats.

Riviera Yachting NETWORK à Monaco 2015
Riviera Yachting Network news

A big hit! The first one in Monaco for this big stand shared under the banner "France, home to superyachting".

Riviera Yachting Network Apéritif la Seyne
Riviera Yachting Network news

The subjects approached during this apéritif: is - between business and social network - a B to B e-business solution opening on the local and international markets.

Riviera Yachting NETWORK à Cannes 2015
Riviera Yachting Network news

Riviera Yachting NETWORK inaugurated the 2015/2016 edition of its members book during an aperitif on September 10th.


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