Riviera Yachting NETWORK à StTropez 2015
Riviera Yachting Network news

Despite a rather poor weather announced, more than 110 people were on board to enjoy the show. Appetizer, meal, speeches, and with President Laurent Falaize, comments of an expert for this race between modern & tradition sailboats.

Riviera Yachting NETWORK à Monaco 2015
Riviera Yachting Network news

A big hit! The first one in Monaco for this big stand shared under the banner "France, home to superyachting".

Riviera Yachting Network Apéritif la Seyne
Riviera Yachting Network news

The subjects approached during this apéritif: is - between business and social network - a B to B e-business solution opening on the local and international markets.

Riviera Yachting NETWORK à Cannes 2015
Riviera Yachting Network news

Riviera Yachting NETWORK inaugurated the 2015/2016 edition of its members book during an aperitif on September 10th.

Riviera Yachting NETWORK - Quintessence Formation
Riviera Yachting Network news
The workshop with Quintessence Formation on email management and operational management was proposed in La Seyne and Antibes, which follows on pooled training for members in October / November 2015 (register by September)
Riviera Yachting NETWORK confédération
Riviera Yachting Network news

In line with the constitution of the French Board of Yachting Professionals, the problem of organized mooring helped structure a slingshot (especially with the "make the sea remain free" petition involved in burying the mooring fee).

Riviera Yachting NETWORK at the Opera
Riviera Yachting Network news

A great show in a place of prestige!

stand Riviera Yachting Network ACY 2015
Riviera Yachting Network news

A beautiful stand in a vault of the Bastion St-Jaume at Port Vauban has hosted many exchanges in Antibes during these 2 days. The rain during the brunch and the last registrations for the petanque contest on Saturday left the place in the sun.

ports toulon provence logo Riviera Yachting NETWORK partner
Harbour news

Ports Toulon Provence presented its project: they want to become a facilitator for the development of shared tools for the reception of yachts and their crews.

stand Riviera Yachting NETWORK at Seatec MedVillage-YARE, Riviera Yachting NETWORK at YARE capitains B2C meetings
Riviera Yachting Network news

The ambition on the YARE-Seatec Show is both enable Riviera Yachting NETWORK member companies to have qualified appointments with many present yacht captains, and represent all the companies of the South of France region and display as a land of r


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