Propulsion Engineering is an engineering company providing advice and expertise for naval propulsion, headed by two engineers, devotees of fine mechanical engineering and
graduates of high schools of engineers.

As recognized experts in naval propulsion in DCNS and the French Navy, we have decided to put this passion to your benefit as our 25 years long experience in this field where we have developed a large competence network with specialists which allows us to fulfill the expectations of our customers.

The field of work is dedicated to thermal engines and associated components (gearboxes, shaft bearings, propellers…) for naval propulsion (yachting, merchant ships, ferries…) and also power generators for marine or industrial applications with services ranging from one-off expertise (borescope inspection, vibration analysis, exhaust gas analysis), Technical Experts as specialist advisors for litigation, to on-line monitoring system (real-time diagnostic tools which are guarantees of significant costs benefits for reliability, efficiency, consumption and gas emissions).


Nautech, Wistream, Silversea, CFT, Sogestran, Marine Nationale, Westinghouse, DIWO YACHTS International



62 allée des Coucous
83500 La Seyne sur Mer France
Propulsion Engineer

Raymond Infantino

Propulsion Engineer

Flavien Morachioli


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