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Within the framework of our teaching methods we focus on the issues, needs and expectations of the participants which are determined at the beginning of each training program.

In companies we put in place customized training after carrying out an audit and a diagnosis of specific needs.
We adjust and adapt the level and form of the training to the issues and specific objectives of the company and the participant. We develop a training method which will incorporate both theory and practical (role playing) exercises. We encourage participation and interaction between the trainee and trainer.

Because you expect so much from the training our skilled team will go over and above the norm in their enthusiasm to pass on their knowledge, finally bringing out the ‘Quintessence’ in each person.

To advise, train, guide and transfer the skills to you with our teaching methods.

Strategic Business Areas: Maritime safety and security, naval and yachting, marine environment and coastal planning, harbours, infrastructures and shipping.


IMS Shipyard, Hydraulique Marine Consultant, Port de Cassis, Port Ouest Marseille, Marseille Travaux Maritimes, Port Corbières Services, Registre International Français, Direction Interrégionale de la Mer, ACTI, ATEM, M3E, Sud Moteurs, Sud Marine Shipyard, Castellano Peinture, Performance Yacht Painting, Dazin, Sonocar, Other Angle Services, Apex, Philau Développement, Yacht Assistance Services, Pompe Moteurs Service, Compositeworks, Acamarine...



10 Place de la Joliette
Les Docks Atrium 10.6 – BP 13543
13567 Marseille Cedex 02 France

Salima Sekkiou


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