Congress of the Sea nov 2015

Actus Riviera Yachting Network
Riviera Yachting Network Economie de la mer 2015

" Yachting: what French assets on the yacht market? "
Florent Battistella, Founder of Nepteam (owner of Couach and IMS Shipyard, member)
Laurent Falaize, President of Riviera Yachting NETWORK
Rob Papworth, Sales manager at Compositeworks ( member)
Frédéric Verrons, Manager of Corsica Yacht Services (member)

For the first time, yachting had its roundtable at the Congress of the Sea, held in Marseille for their 11th edition. After 15 years of structuring this niche industry, yachting is finally recognized as a full maritime activity.

Assises de la Mer -Yachting - Battistella
Assises de la Mer -Yachting - Falaize
Assises de la Mer -Yachting - Papworth
Assises de la Mer -Yachting - Verrons
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