Gremco Inauguration - January 2016

Actus Adhérents
Riviera Yachting Network inauguration Gremco 2016
Gremco inaugurates a new world-class industrial site in the port zone in the heart of the new St Mandrier Marine Business Park in Toulon harbor.
Gremco has three main activities:
A. Rigging for yachts (over 18 meters) : making and repair.
B. "Comfort on Board" technical equipment (sanitary, water treatment, embedded electronics) for yachts of all types (motor & sailing yachts) : installation and maintenance.
C. Technical Control and Certification of cranes, slings, safety rails on board yachts (all types).
Riviera Yachting Network Gremco staff
Riviera Yachting Network Gremco workshop
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