Riviera Yachting NETWORK aims at promoting the attractiveness of the region and its expertise regarding the refitting and repairing of yachts and their dedicated services.

It also focuses on consolidating the region’s position as world leader in the yachting network.

The pooled actions driven by Riviera Yachting NETWORK mainly revolve around the following axes:
  • Competitiveness of the sector: develop and preserve the best competitive assets (investment, facilities, training of trades), upstream ensure that the various regulations are not pitfalls to competitiveness
  • Promoting expertise: publicize the skills and excellence of the professions in France and internationally 
  • Economic intelligence: inform stakeholders on the market evolution and the surrounding strategic positioning
  • Territorial development: upstream of their orientations, enlighten and exchange with the institutional and political decision makers on the stakes of their choices regarding the development of yachting for our territories.

 Riviera Yachting NETWORK goes to different international yacht shows.

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