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Manufacturing execution systems (MES) are systems used in manufacturing to optimize production processes, track and document the transformation of raw materials to finished goods.

If you want a complete control over all your processes our experts will have you covered.

A global vision of plants through meaningful KPIs allowing :
- Performance and line efficiency analysis
- Track and trace of raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods
- Operators guidance in order to avoid human errors and guarantee quality while optimizing ressources usage
- Production planning and fet the best use of ressources
- Paperless manufacturing and electronics batch records


Our Instrumentation and Control expertise allows us to maximise Productivity, stability, reliability and safety of industrial processes.

As system integrators we can design, program, start-up most of automated system in the factory.Our technology experts can program equipments from major vendors such as Schneider-Electric, Aveva, Siemens and more. 

Our experts are not only technology experts, they also have deep knowledge of and broad experience in numerous industries including Food & Beverage, CPG, Automotive, Metals, and Power Generation.

Turnkey projects or consulting

We can run audits, studies, create detailed design or even maintain any kind of automated system as consulting activities or lumpsum projects.


With our Digital manufacturing expertise we help manufacturing industries to continuously improve operational performance and flexibility 

- Computer integrated manufacturing (CIM)
- Flexible manufacturing
- Lean manufacturing

As a result our customers reduce lead time, cost, and improve the efficiency of most of their processes

Also known as IIoT, industrial Internet Of Things devices acquire and analyze data from connected equipment.

It can be used for  sensing, identification, processing, communication or even actuation of manufacturing equipment, assets or process control.

Combined with operational technology  IIoT helps improving  industrial systems.
This is made possible with lower cost on instrumentation and data acquisition allowing to increase the number of sensors.

The flexibility of such technologies allows us to serve not only manufacturing but also Agriculture, Infrastructure applications, Energy management, environmental monitoring

EVERDYN covers the full integration spectrum including :

- Instrumentation
- Industrial Automation
- Robotics
- Monitoring
- Turnkey systems
- Reverse engineering and revamping
- Safety automation
- Maintenance




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